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762, 1A National Highway, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 (028) 22106822 - +84 (028) 38919669

Company Overview


  • Our team of engineers and managers work for many years in the field of electronics, microelectronics at foreign companies, integrated research institutes, and technology. We are confident to offer reliable solutions to you.
  • From Schematic - Layout - PCB Fabrication - Sourcing Components - PCB Assembly - In Circuit Testing Development are our mission.

The goal of Sieu Thuat:

  • For Customers: Top quality - Reasonable price - Fastest time
  • For Staff: Professional working environment, friendly, opportunity to improve their skill

Our customers:

  • Operate in the field of communication (Electronics - Telecommunications), industrial control equipment (Elevators - Measurement - Toll stations - Advertising), electronic equipment for teaching.

Criteria for quotation request:

  • Electronic components: Send BOM list
  • Electronic PCB: Gerber file 274x, 274d, or layout data
  • Assembly: Assembly drawing or gerber file
  • Box build: CAD drawings